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special alloy machining capabilities

Ultratech, machining expert in micro machinging; optimizes all the machining phases of your products to provide  quick results at competitive prices

These parts are used in the production of special connectors using glass /metal or ceramic /metal seals. Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Titanium, Nitinol, Chromel® / Alumel®, Constantan®, Dilver®, Kovar, nickel, ferro nickel alloys, FN 52, FN48, FN52, etc.

Types of Products:

  • Special connectors
  • Thermocouple connection
  • High temperature connector
  • Optical connectivity

Secondary operations:

Ultratech executes recovery operations to finish your parts: Milling, drilling, thread cutting,  as well as  thermal treatments, if necessary. 

For special applications we can do glass sealing (glass/metal or ceramic/metal).


At your request, the surface treatments will be carried out by partner companies, as well as identification markings, lasers, serigraphy, color coding.

Parts Quality :

Quality controls carried out according to the ISO 9001 standard are ensured during all stages of the manufacturing process and with  final inspection (F.A.I. and S.P.C.).

For whom do we supply these special alloy parts?

They target all of the high tech industries that require extreme precision, for small and large series: Aerospace, Space, Nuclear, Medical.

You are an industrialist working in a high tech sector; you are looking for a manufacturer with cutting edge technical skills; one who can design and produce special alloy parts in small or large series according to your specifications:

ULTRATECH is your best partner.