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Ultratech uses varied and complementary production machines in order to adapt to your request. Lathe machines for mass production, multi-axle numerical machines for complex  revolving mechanical components and machining centers for back shells. Thanks to this technology and know-how, we can answer all your requests from the prototyping phase to serial production. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Lathe machines :

  • Escomatic D2 (d: 4mm), D4 and D6 SR
  • Tornos MS7
  • Bechler AR 10 and AR 20

Multi-axle numerical machines:

  • Deco 2000 (d: 32mm)
  • Tornos SAS 16.6 (d: 16 mm) multi-axes
  • Tornos Deco 13a 12 axels
  • Tornos Deco 26a 12 axels
  • Citizen L32 (d: 32 mm)

Numerical machining centre :

  • DMG 5 axes DMU 50
  • Wirth & Grafft Centroflex 4 axles